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PICS is the fastest-growing contractor prequalification company in the world.

With our distinction comes a responsibility to encourage contractor management in protecting employers and suppliers alike. In countries like the United States, there are non-profit organizations which determine appropriate contractor management requirements. The Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association (VPPPA) is one of these non-profit organizations, which – as a consultative arm of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), recognizes employers with effective safety and health management systems.

Like the VPP, which works to prevent fatalities, and injuries, PICS’ contractor prequalification program encourages firms to adopt a plan to prevent hazards and encourage commitment to workplace safety.

Establishing proper protocols is essential to ensure that a company’s contractors are properly screened and safe to work at a facility. This can be done by setting and enforcing safety expectations before a contract is awarded and then communicating these expectations to managerial staff.

The contractor prequalification process must also evaluate suppliers based on objective criteria such as:

  1. Recordable incidents
  2. Future chances of risk and injuries
  3. Safety statistics – both past and present
  4. Incidents that resulted in days spent away from work, and fatalities

Recordable incident rates like these hold contractors responsible for their actions.

These statistics are an important part of the contractor prequalification process in determining the contractor awarded a bid.

Through the selection of safer contractors using safety indicators, a company can significantly reduce the number of potential incidents and lawsuits – saving millions of dollars each year.

Perhaps that is why the largest organizations in the world are now moving to implementing a contractor prequalification program as part of their company-wide HSE standards. Speak with a PICS Representative about a solution that may work for you. Please Click Here.


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