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Risk is an inherent factor in all supply chains.

It lies in the quality of our products, rests on the shoulders of our material suppliers and hides in the operational disruptions we fear – when we can’t acquire the supplies we need.

After all, when we face a quality issue, isn’t our reputation the first place we see the tarnish? With today’s hyper-connected consumers, a single product malfunction can place us just a click away from a negative market perception. That’s quite a bit of pressure.

It doesn’t have to be.

Risk can be moderated, mitigated, and virtually eliminated. The key is to have the right supply chain management program in place. Your first step is to introduce transparency into the entire supply chain – and that’s what this program does. It creates clear visibility into supplier operations, allowing you to gain invaluable insight. Nothing remains a mystery.

Perhaps the most effective way to accomplish that goal is to create a centralized vendor database to sift through and to organize supply chain management. PICS starts that process by helping you to take the most important steps in leveraging your data:

  1. Establish Criteria to Screen Suppliers:
    • Clearly state supplier expectations
    • Communicate expectations before awarding the contract
    • Hold regular meetings and make supplier safety a top priority
  2. Evaluate Suppliers Based on Their Work:
    • Look beyond the numbers
    • Objective Criteria- Total recordable incident ratings and fatalities
    • Subjective Criteria- Review work history, written policies and past performance
  3. Monitor Their Actions Annually:
    • Audit suppliers as work is being completed
    • Record safety evaluations and keep them on file
    • Establish re-evaluation criteria and have it updated annually

Each of these steps can be added to your customized vendor database – searchable by all parties involved with the process of prequalifying and managing suppliers. This puts all departments on the same page and reduces the risk involved with the managing process. When done effectively, supply chain management is the most effective way to decrease the likelihood of a business stoppage, or a tainted reputation. PICS relieves your pressure.

Perhaps that is why the largest organizations in the world are moving to PICS to implement a supply chain management program as part of their company-wide HSE standards. To speak with a PICS Representative about a solution that may work for you, please Click Here.